1913 – Team Loses 99 Games

Last Place

If the Cardinals would have lost their last game of the season it would have been the 100th loss. The 1913 Cardinals finished with a 51-99 record and were very poor under the management of Miller Huggins. The attendance dropped dramatically to a 203,000 total. The players didn’t have much to show for it. As the player-manager, Huggins batted .286 which was respectable and pitcher Slim Sallee was 18-15 on the year.

One of the stranger things to happen for the Cardinals in 1913 was that first baseman Ed Konetchy was asked to pitch in a game that eventually finished after 13 frames. He tossed four innings and got the win on May 4, 2013. Homer, Illinois native Rebel Oakes played in 1913 and led the team with a .293 batting average and 15 hits but bolted for the Federal League the next year.

Every winter female owner Helene Britton made sure she attended the baseball owners meetings and every time they suggested she sell the team as baseball is not for females. Every winter she denies their advice and moves on to the next season. She was having some issues with her husband but that was a different issue.