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Many times I was asked by family members why I was writing History of Cardinals and the answer was always the same.

“Because I can, because I want to, because I have the time and I find it interesting.”

I first thought I would make it a book but then felt like this should be free information. Following that, I was contemplating making it a digital monthly magazine but I don’t have the formatting and graphics skills it takes to pull that off. Hence, a free website.

It is my hope that you find this website, History of Cardinals, as the most comprehensive Cardinals history site available and that you use it and recommend it for others to use.

The website will be updated with information almost daily. We will be adding new material, new information, box scores and other items that relate to the year. Also, players spotlights are being offered so that you can more precise information on the different characters of the game that wore the Cardinals uniform. We have included other features like Did You Know, Awards and Opening Day History for your reference.

The History of Cardinals covers 1900-2015 with some 1892-1899 worked in. I have added a This Date in History for your research on trades, transactions and birthdays along with with many bios of players throughout St. Louis Cardinals history. Some of these are very short as they may have only played in a few games and some are lengthy. Other random pages pertaining to Cardinals History are dispersed in and around the website.

There are articles written by us, some pages are copied from Wikipedia and included are links to articles concerning the articles being featured. This is probably not done without a few errors in spelling, grammar and possibly some of the information. Feel free to contact me and let us know what needs to be corrected. Thanks for taking the time and making us part of your day. We want this to be your comprehensive guide to St. Louis Cardinals History.

We hope you enjoy the History of Cardinals.