1940 – First STL night game; Medwick Traded and Beaned

Ray Blades is back as manager for another season. The Cardinals hit seven home runs on May 7th as the go on to destroy to the Brooklyn Dodgers 18-2. The game upsets some of the Dodgers and will come into play later in the season. BOXSCORE



 Padgett (2,2nd inning off Casey 0 on 1 out); Lake 2 (2,3rd inning off Casey
0 on 0 out,8th inning off Macon 1 on 2 out); Mize 2 (5,3rd inning off Casey
1 on 0 out,8th inning off Macon 0 on 1 out); S. Martin (1,4th inning off
Casey 0 on 1 out); Medwick (2,6th inning off Casey 1 on 0 out).

June 4 again playing Brooklyn, the Cardinals lose in the first night game in St. Louis by a 10-1 score as Joe Medwick goes 5-for-5 in the game. BOXSCORE

Blades Fired; Southworth Hired

On June 7, Owner Sam Breadon fires Ray Blades. Mike Gonzalez is interim for one game until Billy Southworth can get there. Southworth managed in 1929 for the Cardinals.

Medwick Traded-Beaned Five Days Later by Cardinals

Five days later (June 12), the Cardinals trade star Joe Medwick to Brooklyn for four players and $125,000. The two teams meet on June 17th in Ebbetts Field and Cardinals pitcher Bob Bowman hit Medwick in the head with a pitch that knocks him unconscious. The Cardinals and Dodgers are feuding. It happened in the first inning.

Medwick Traded and Beaned Description

DODGERS 1ST: Walker singled to center; Lavagetto doubled to left
[Walker scored]; Vosmik singled to right [Lavagetto scored];
Medwick was hit by a pitch [Vosmik to second]; Joe Medwick
hit on the head and knocked unconscious; carried from field on
stretcher and taken to hospital where he was admitted; missed
three days before returning on 6/22; pitcher Bob Bowman removed
for fear of retaliation by the Dodgers; WASDELL RAN FOR
to left [Vosmik to third]; Camilli singled to left [Vosmik
scored, Wasdell scored (error by Koy) (no RBI)]; Coscarart flied
out to right; Durocher grounded out (third to first); 4 R, 4 H,
1 E, 1 LOB.  Cardinals 0, Dodgers 4.

Here is a report of the beaning from Bowman…. “Bowman blamed the incident on sign stealing by Dodgers coach Chuck Dressen. He said that Dressen would whistle each time he saw the sign for a curveball. Hearing the whistle, Medwick stepped toward what he thought was a curveball, but Bowman had decided to throw a high, inside fastball to confuse them instead. When Medwick strode forward, the ball hit him in the temple and he was rendered unconscious.”

Great article about Medwick, his fiery temper, and how the Cardinals tired of him.

The Cardinals finished in third place with an 84-69 record despite the strong offense provided by first baseman Johnny Mize. He hit 43 home runs ad knocked in 137 RBI’s for the season.

The attendance dipped to 324,078 for the season.

“It’s a beautiful day for a night game.” – Frankie Frisch

Transactions from 1940

Signed Bud Byerly as an amateur free agent.

Signed Mike Clark as an amateur free agent.

Signed George Genovese as an amateur free agent.

Signed Lou Klein as an amateur free agent.

Signed Al Papai as an amateur free agent.

Harry Walker received from the Philadelphia Phillies in an unknown transaction.

January 26, 1940 Purchased Skeeter Scalzi from the New York Giants.

February 6, 1940 Sold Herman Franks to the Brooklyn Dodgers.

April 2, 1940  Signed Jack Russell as a free agent. Purchased Jack Bolling from the Philadelphia Phillies.

April 3, 1940 Purchased Jim Winford from the Brooklyn Dodgers.

April 15, 1940 Purchased Gene Handley from the Pittsburgh Pirates.

April 23, 1940  Released Lyn Lary.

April 24, 1940  Purchased Mel Almada from the Brooklyn Dodgers.

June 12, 1940 Traded Curt Davis and Joe Medwick to the Brooklyn Dodgers. Received Carl Doyle, Bert Haas, Ernie Koy, Sam Nahem and $125,000.

June 13, 1940  Purchased Ira Hutchinson from the Brooklyn Dodgers.

September 5, 1940  Traded Mike Ryba to the Boston Red Sox. Received Al Brazle.

September 9, 1940  Released Jack Russell.

September 10, 1940  Purchased Newt Kimball from the Brooklyn Dodgers.

October 1, 1940  Oscar Judd drafted by the Boston Red Sox in the 1940 rule 5 draft.  Rube Melton drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies in the 1940 rule 5 draft. Bob Scheffing drafted by the Chicago Cubs in the 1940 rule 5 draft.

October 9, 1940  John Davis selected by the New York Giants in the 1940 minor league draft.

November 19, 1940 Purchased Tot Pressnell from the Brooklyn Dodgers.

November 25, 1940 Sold Joe Orengo to the New York Giants.

December 3, 1940 Sold Stu Martin to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

December 4, 1940 Traded Mickey Owen to the Brooklyn Dodgers. Received John Pintar (minors), Gus Mancuso and $65,000.

December 5, 1940 Sold Bob Bowman to the New York Giants.

December 16, 1940 Sold Tot Pressnell to the Cincinnati Reds.