1951- Cardinals Play Two Different Teams on Same Day

Musial Wins Second Straight Batting Title

The best the Cardinals could do is finish in third place with an 81-73 record. The best part of the season was Musial was still “The Man” as he hit .355 for the season and win his second consecutive batting title.

Play Two Different Teams in One Day

Earlier in the season, on Sept.13, the Cardinals play two different teams on the same day. They are the first to to do this in the major leagues. Neither game was on the schedule initially but in the first game the Cardinals win 6-4 over the Giants as they beat 20-game winner Sal Maglie.

In the second game, which was made up from the night before, Warren Spahn leads the Braves to a 2-0 win over the Cardinals.

Marion Fired: Stanky Hired

Marion is fired and the completion of the season and Eddie Stanky replaces him.

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“There was never a day when I was as good as Joe DiMaggio at his best. Joe was the best, the very best I ever saw.” – Stan Musial