Chick Hafey – RBI Machine

Hafey played for the Cardinals for 8 seasons before being traded to Cincinnati. He made his debut on August 28, 1924 at the age of 21 as an outfielder. (BOXSCORE)

He played from 1924-1931 for the Cardinals and participated in several World Series. His best seasons were 1929 when he knocked in 125 runs ans hammered 29 home runs. In 1931, he established a .3919 batting average.

Career numbers

Hafey’s career numbers for St. Louis finds that he played in 812 games with 963 hits, 242 doubles, 46 triples, 127 home runs and 618 RBI’s.


“When (Chick) Hafey hits that jackrabbit at you, you don’t have time to think. Only your instint of self-preservation functions. You put up your hands to protect yourself. Sometimes the ball sticks; other times it whistles by you like a shot. I am afraid to think of what may happen some day if the third baseman doesn’t get his hands up fast enough.” – Fred Lindstrom (National Baseball Hall of Fame Chick Hafey Page)

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