Ellis Kinder- Good pitcher until He Became a Cardinal

Despite making his MLB debut as a 31-year-old rookie, Kinder had a reputable career.

Kinder was among the best starting pitchers in the American League in 1949, going 23–6 and leading the league in shutouts (6) and a .793 winning percentage. Then, in 1951, the Red Sox, desperate for a relief pitcher, moved him to the pen where he shined as the best reliever in the AL until 1955.

The Cardinals acquired him in 1955 at/near the end of his career.

Career Numbers


  • Twice Top 10 MVP (1949, 1951)
  • Twice led league in winning percentage (1949, 1951)
  • Led league in shutouts (1949)
  • Twice led league in games pitched (63, 1951; 69, 1953)
  • Twice led league in saves (1951, 1953)
  • Pitched a 10 scoreless relief win-game (1951)
  • The Sporting News Pitcher of the Year (1949)

SABR article

Baltimore Sun article about his big drinking night before a big Red Sox-Yankees game. He was the guest of a Yankees sportswriter.