Frankie Frisch – Appeared in 8 World Series

The fans were upset as their star Rogers Hornsby had been traded away. They were liking what they got in return as Jimmy Ring and Frankie Frisch came to the Cardinals. In a few seasons, the fans were all good again as Frisch went on to four World Series with the Cardinals and eleven years in total.

He appeared in four World Series (1928, 1930, 1931, 1934) and was a prominent member of the “Gashouse Gang”. For eleven years in a St. Louis uniform, he put up some terrific numbers.

1931 season

  • NL MVP
  • .311 batting average
  • 82 RBI’s
  • 28 stolen bases
  • World Series Champion

In 1933, he became player/manager and was selected to the All Star team each year from 1933-1935. He guided the Cardinals to a World Series Championship in 1934. He finished his playing in 1937.

career statistics for Frisch
  • .316 batting average
  • 2880 hits
  • 1532 runs
  • 105 home runs
  • 1244 RBI’s
  • hit .300 from both sides of the plate
  • one of two switch hitters with more than 5,000 at-bats


Frankie Frisch was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1947.


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