September 19 in Cardinals History

  • In the third inning, Bobby Wallace of St. Louis fielded a grounder and threw poorly to the plate. Brooklyn runner Duke Farrell slid under Wilbert Robinson’s tag and umpire John Gaffney called him safe. Robinson threw the ball at the arbiter, rushed up and struck him on the chest with his fist. Gaffney swung his mask at Robinson, just grazing his nose. Gaffney then ejected Robinson, who refused to leave the field. Manager McGraw backed him up. Gaffney forfeited the game after waiting the customary time. The spectators received their money back in 1900.
  • The  Cardinals purchased Bob Kuzava from the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1957.
  • Cardinals purchased Morrie Martin in 1957 from the Baltimore Orioles.
  • In 1960, the Cardinals purchased Duke Carmel from the Los Angeles Dodgers.
  • The Philadelphia Phillies traded Don Landrum to the St. Louis Cardinals for Bob Sadowski in 1960.
  • In the Cardinals’ 8-2 victory over Milwaukee at Busch Stadium, in 2001, Albert Pujols drives in three runs in his first two at-bats with a first-inning groundout and a two-run double in the fourth, breaking the National League rookie-record with his 120th run batted in this season. The 21 year-old first baseman, who will finish the year with 130 RBIs, surpasses the mark established in 1930 by Wally Berger, who played for the Boston Braves.


  • Vern Benson 1924
  • Bill Sarni 1927
  • Buddy Schultz 1950


  • Tom O’Hara 1906
  • Gene Dale 1921
  • Pete Stanridge 1911
  • Chuck Miller 1913
  • Rolla Daringer 1914
  • Pea Ridge Day 1924
  • Ray Shepardson1924
  • Fred Morolewski 1953
  • Ella Burton 1958
  • Steve Huntz 1967
  • Joe Hague 1968
  • Jose Cruz 1970
  • Alan Benes 1995


  • Bill Hart 1936 (RH pitcher that was 21-56 in STL career)
  • Pink Hawley 1938
  • Paddy Livingston 1977
  • Marv Grissom 2005

Tracking Musial’s Home Runs

  • In 1943, he hit #24 of his career off Paul Erickson of the Cubs with a solo homer in the 6th inning.
  • Stan hit a 2-run homer in the first inning facing th NY Giants in 1948 for #108
  • He hit #172 against Johnny Sain in 1950.
  • In 1956 it was a solo homer in the top of the 13th for career home run #351.
  • In the bottom of the 7th inning, he hit #444 in 1961 at home against the Phillies.