Showboat Fisher- Lifetime .335 Batting Average

George Aloys “Showboat” Fisher (January 16, 1899 – May 15, 1994) was a baseball player who played in the 1930 World Series with the St. Louis Cardinals. He had a .335 lifetime batting average in Major League Baseball. He played several games for the racially integrated Jamestown Red Sox in 1934 under the management of Ted Radcliffe.

“I got the name Show Boat in St. Louis with the Cards in 1930,” wrote George “Showboat” Fisher in a 1985 letter. “The show ‘Showboat’ was in St. Louis most of the summer, the fans liked what they saw, so they started to call me ‘Show Boat.’ I hit .374 to lead the club, and we won the pennant. My style of hitting was quite a bit different than most hitters.”