The Cardinals travel to Philadelphia to face Steve Carlton at Veterans Stadium on April 7, 1978 for Opening Day. In front of a crowd of 47, 791 the Cardinals send right-hander Bob Forsch to the mound.


The Cardinals Line-up:

  • Lou Brock
  • Garry Templeton
  • Jerry Morales
  • Ted Simmons
  • Keith Hernandez
  • Ken Reitz
  • Tony Scott
  • Mike Tyson
  • Bob Forsch

Philadelphia Phillies line-up:

  • Bake McBride
  • Larry Bowa
  • Mike Schmidt
  • Greg Luzinski
  • Richie Hebner
  • Garry Maddox
  • Tim McCarver
  • Ted Sizemore
  • Steve Carlton

The Cardinals break out for a run in the second inning as Hernandez reaches on an error and move to second on a groundout. My Tyson singles to right with two out and the Cardinals score an unearned run.

The fourth inning has Ken Reitz leading off with  home run. Then with one out, Tyson reaches on a strikeout and passed ball, is bunted to second base and scores when Brock singles. The Cardinals now lead the Phillies 3-0.

Chipping away in the fifth inning we find Morales singles followed by a Ted Simmons double adds one more run for the Birds. Tug McGraw takes over for Carlton in the eighth inning and allows three singles (Scott, Tyson, Forsch) to make it a 5-0 lead.

In the bottomof the 8th inning the Phillies mount a rally with a one out walk which chases Forsch from the game and Pete Vukovich enters to stifle the rally. He allows a single and a walk and now faces power hitter Luzinski with the bases loaded. He walks him for the first Phillies run and then gets Hebner to popout to end the rally.

The Cardinals win 5-1.

Cardinals Offense:

2B: K Hernandez (1, off S Carlton); T Simmons (1, off S Carlton).
HR: K Reitz (1, off S Carlton, 4th inn, 0 on, 0 outs).
SH: B Forsch (1, off S Carlton).
TB: K Reitz 4; J Morales 3; K Hernandez 3; T Simmons 2; B Forsch 2; M Tyson 2; T Scott; L Brock.
GIDP: T Scott (1).
RBI: T Simmons (1); B Forsch (1); M Tyson (1); L Brock (1); K Reitz (1).
2-out RBI: M Tyson; L Brock.
Team LOB: 9.
With RISP: 4 for 11.
DP: 3. M Tyson-K Hernandez; G Templeton-K Hernandez; P Vuckovich-G Templeton-K Hernandez.
Outfield Assists: J Morales (R Hebner at 2nd base).
SB: L Brock (1, 2nd base off R Reed/B Boone).


Phillies Offense:

2B: G Maddox (1, off B Forsch); R Hebner (1, off B Forsch).
HBP: R Hebner (1, by B Forsch).
TB: R Hebner 3; G Maddox 3; B McBride 2; M Schmidt.
GIDP: T Sizemore (1); G Luzinski (1); G Maddox (1).
RBI: G Luzinski (1).
2-out RBI: G Luzinski.
Team LOB: 7.
With RISP: 0 for 5.
DP: 1. L Bowa-T Sizemore-R Hebner.
E: L Bowa (1).
Outfield Assists: G Maddox (T Simmons at home plate).


Umpires: HP – Doug Harvey, 1B – Andy Olsen, 2B – Jim Quick, 3B – Jerry Crawford.
Time of Game: 2:20.
Attendance: 47,791.