Tuesday, April 6, 1993, 7:38, Busch Stadium II
Attendance: 50,892, Time of Game: 2:23


The Giants send a stating line-up of:

  • Willie McGee
  • Dave Martinez
  • Will Clark
  • Matt Williams
  • Barry Bonds
  • Bobby Thornton
  • Royce Clayton
  • Kirt Manwaring
  • John Burkett

The Cardinals counter with this line-up:

  • Geronimo Pen
  • Ozzie Smith
  • Gregg Jeffries
  • Ray Lankford
  • Mark Whiten
  • Todd Zeile
  • Bernard Gilkey
  • Tom Pagnozzi
  • Bob Tewksbury

The Game

This game featured very little offense and some strong defense and pitching. Nothing happened until the fourth inning when the Giants gone on the board with a single by Willie McGee and a two out double by Dave Martinez to allow the Giants to lead 1-0.

In the bottom of the sixth inning the Cardinals get a walk from Geronimo Pena and a deep triple from Ozzie Smith to tie the game up 1-1. In the 7th inning the Giants grab another run as Will Clark doubles to left field, Matt Williams reaches on an error and Bobby Bonds hits a towering sacrifice fly that scores Clark for a 2-1 lead.

That is how the game ended at 2-1.


Giants Pitchers

John Burkett 6IP/H/1R/1ER/1BB/3K

Michael Jackson 1.1IP/1H/0R/0ER/1BB/1K

Kevin Rogers 0.2IP/0H/0R/0ER/0BB/0K

Rod Beck 1IP/0H/0R/0ER/0BB/0K  winning pitcher

Cardinals Pitchers

Bob Tewksbury 8IP/6H/2R/1ER/0BB/4K  losing pitcher

Rob Murphy 0.2IP/2H/0R/0ER/1BB/0K

Les Lancaster 0.1IP/0H/0R/0ER/0BB/0K

Giants Offense

2B: M Williams (1, off B Tewksbury); W Clark (1, off B Tewksbury).
SF: B Bonds (1, off B Tewksbury).
SH: K Manwaring (1, off B Tewksbury).
IBB: B Bonds (1, by R Murphy).
TB: M Williams 3; D Martinez 2; W Clark 2; W McGee 2; R Clayton.
GIDP: R Thompson (1); W Clark (1).
RBI: B Bonds (1); M Williams (1).
2-out RBI: M Williams.
Team LOB: 4.
With RISP: 2 for 8.
Giants Fielding
DP: 2. R Clayton-R Thompson-W Clark; W Clark-R Clayton.
E: R Clayton (1).

Cardinals Offense

2B: T Zeile (1, off J Burkett).
3B: O Smith (1, off J Burkett).
TB: O Smith 3; G Pena 2; T Zeile 2; M Whiten; R Lankford; G Jefferies.
GIDP: O Smith (1).
RBI: O Smith (1).
Team LOB: 5.
With RISP: 0 for 6.
DP: 2. O Smith-G Jefferies; O Smith-G Pena-G Jefferies.
E: O Smith (1).
Outfield Assists: B Gilkey (W McGee at 3rd base); R Lankford (D Martinez at home plate).
CS: G Pena (1, 2nd base by J Burkett/K Manwaring).
Pickoffs: T Zeile (1st base by M Jackson).


Umpires: HP – Bruce Froemming, 1B – Brian Gorman, 2B – Mark Hirschbeck, 3B – Mike Winters..
Field Condition: Dry.
Start Time Weather: 60° F, Wind 10mph from Left to Right, Night, No Precipitation


After Opening Day

Under their manager Joe Torre, the Cardinals went 87-75 during the season and finished 3rd in the National League East Division, ten games behind the NL Champion Philadelphia Phillies. This was the final season in the NL East for the Cardinals, before their move to the NL Central for the following season.

Reliever Lee Smith became baseball’s all-time saves leader this year, which has since been surpassed.
On September 7 at Riverfront Stadium, Mark Whiten hit four massive home runs and had twelve runs batted in against the Cincinnati Reds.In the process, Whiten tied two Major League records in one game.
Gregg Jeffries finished third in the NL in batting (.342) and stole 46 bases, a club record for a first baseman.
Notable Transactions
March 31, 1993: Mark Clark and Juan Andújar (minors) were traded by the Cardinals to the Cleveland Indians for Mark Whiten.
June 3, 1993: Alan Benes was drafted by the Cardinals in the 1st round (16th pick) of the 1993 amateur draft. Player signed July 19, 1993.
August 31, 1993: Lee Smith was traded by the Cardinals to the New York Yankees for Rich Batchelor.