St. Louis Cardinals vs. Philadelphia Phillies
Wednesday, April 26, 1995, 7:08
Busch Stadium II
Umpires: HP – Dave Yeast, 1B – Bill Davis, 2B – Bob Homolka, 3B – Fred Schaaf.
Time of Game: 3:01.
Attendance: 33,539.
Field Condition: Wet.
Start Time Weather: 65° F, Wind 12mph from Right to Left, Night, Showers

Phillies Line-up

  • Lenny Dykstra
  • Mickey Morandini
  • Gregg Jeffries
  • Dave Hollins
  • Darren Daulton
  • Jim Eisenreich
  • Charlie Hayes
  • Kevin Stocker
  • Curt Schilling
  • Mgr. Jim Fregosi

Cardinals Line-up

  • Bernard Gilkey
  • Ozzie Smith
  • Ray Lankford
  • Scott Cooper
  • Brian Jordan
  • John Mabry
  • Tom Pagnozzi
  • Manuel Lee
  • Ken Hill
  • Mgr. Joe Torre

The Game

Nobody scored until the 3rd inning when the Phillies bust out. Schilling singles, Dykstra walks, Morandini doubles, Eisenreich reaches on an error by the second baseman abd Hollins homers to power them to a 5-0 lead. In the bottom half, the Cardinals come back with a single by Lee, sac bunt move him over by Hill, Ozzie singles, Lankford walks, Cooper singles two runners home and Jordan singles in another to make it 5-3 Phillies.

Palacios is now pitching for the Cardinals and in the sixth inning Tony Longmire pinch hits for Schilling and he homers for another Philadelphia run. The Cardinals counter with a Brian Jordan hits a two-run home run in the bottom of the inning and now the Cardinals trail 6-5.

The game moves to the bottom of the 9th inning with Norm Charlton on the hill for the Phillies. Bernard Gilkey leads off with a single, followed by walks to Smith and Lankford to set up the game winning single by Brian Jordan to allow the Birds to win 7-6.




2B: M Morandini (1, off K Hill).
HR: D Hollins (1, off K Hill, 3rd inn, 1 on, 0 outs to Deep LF Line); T Longmire (1, off V Palacios, 6th inn, 0 on, 0 outs to Deep LF-CF).
TB: D Hollins 4; T Longmire 4; D Daulton 2; M Morandini 2; G Jefferies; L Dykstra; C Hayes; C Schilling.
GIDP: J Eisenreich (1).
RBI: M Morandini 2 (2); D Hollins 2 (2); T Longmire (1).
Team LOB: 6.
With RISP: 1 for 6.
SB: G Jefferies (1, 2nd base off K Hill/T Pagnozzi).
CS: G Jefferies (1, 2nd base by R Arocha/T Pagnozzi



HR: B Jordan (1, off T Borland, 6th inn, 1 on, 0 outs to Deep LF).
SH: K Hill (1, off C Schilling).
TB: B Jordan 5; S Cooper 3; M Lee; O Smith; R Lankford; B Gilkey; J Mabry; J Oquendo.
RBI: S Cooper 4 (4); B Jordan 3 (3).
2-out RBI: S Cooper 2; B Jordan.
Team LOB: 9.
With RISP: 4 for 8.
DP: 1. J Oquendo-O Smith-J Mabry.
E: M Lee (1); J Mabry (1).
SB: R Lankford (1, 2nd base off G Harris/D Daulton)


After the Opener

The Cardinals went 62-81 during the season and finished 4th in the National League Central division, 22½ games behind the Cincinnati Reds. It was also the team’s final season under the ownership of Anheuser-Busch, who would put the team up for sale on October 25, 1995, ending a 43-season ownership reign.

Rookie Mark Sweeney got a hit in seven straight pinch-hit at-bats, one short of the major league record. Tom Henke became the seventh pitcher to notch 300 career saves. Outfielders Bernard Gilkey (.298 batting average, 17 home runs), Ray Lankford (25 home runs, 24 stolen bases), and Brian Jordan (.296, 22 home runs) highlighted the Cardinals offense.
The Cardinals struggled offensively in 1995, finishing 28th overall in runs scored (563), hits (1,182), runs batted in (533), batting average (.247), on-base percentage (.314) and slugging percentage (.374).

Transactions During the Season

April 5, 1995: Ken Hill was traded by the Montreal Expos to the St. Louis Cardinals for Kirk Bullinger, Bryan Eversgerd, and Da Rond Stovall.
April 9, 1995: Mark Whiten was traded by the St. Louis Cardinals with Rheal Cormier to the Boston Red Sox for Cory Bailey and Scott Cooper.
April 18, 1995: Manuel Lee was signed as a Free Agent with the St. Louis Cardinals.
May 2, 1995: Greg Cadaret was signed as a Free Agent with the St. Louis Cardinals.
June 6, 1995: Greg Cadaret was released by the St. Louis Cardinals.
June 8, 1995: Chris Sabo was signed as a Free Agent with the St. Louis Cardinals.
June 22, 1995: Manuel Lee was released by the St. Louis Cardinals.
July 9, 1995: Mark Sweeney was traded by the California Angels to the St. Louis Cardinals for John Habyan.
July 27, 1995: Ken Hill was traded by the St. Louis Cardinals to the Cleveland Indians for David Bell, Rick Heiserman, and Pepe McNeal (minors)
August 25, 1995: Darnell Coles was released by the St. Louis Cardinals.
September 11, 1995: Chris Sabo was released by the St. Louis Cardinals.