St. Louis Cardinals vs. Milwaukee Brewers

Monday, April 5, 1999, 6:54PM, Busch Stadium II

Umpires: HP – Ed Montague, 1B – Bob Davidson, 2B – Mike Winters, 3B – Kerwin Danley.
Time of Game: 3:43.
Attendance: 47,806.
Field Condition: Unknown.
Start Time Weather: 73° F, Wind 20mph in from Rightfield, Cloudy, No Precipitation.


Milwaukee Brewers Line-up

1 Fernando Vina 2B
2 Marquis Grissom CF
3 Jeff Cirillo 3B
4 Jeromy Burnitz RF
5 Sean Berry 1B
6 Dave Nilsson C
7 Mark Loretta SS
8 Geoff Jenkins LF
9 Rafael Roque P


 St. Louis Cardinals Line-up

1 Edgar Renteria SS
2 J.D. Drew CF
3 Mark McGwire 1B
4 Eric Davis RF
5 Fernando Tatis 3B
6 Shawon Dunston LF
7 Eli Marrero C
8 Placido Polanco 2B
9 Donovan Osborne P


The Game

Each team traded runs in the second inning as the Brewers game a triple from Berry and a Sacrifice while the Cardinals got a walk from Tatis and a double by Merrero.

Mike Busby replace Osborne for the Cardinals and in the 4th inning the Brewers score four runs on four hits with the big blow being a home run by catcher Dave Nillson. The Brewers lead 5-1.

In the 5th inning Cirillo doubles and Jeremy Burnitz homers and now they have increased the lead to 7-1. In the bottom of the inning Mark McGwire hits a solo home run and now it is 7-2.

The Cardinals score three more off of Chad Fox in the 8th inning from three hits and a homer from Tatis.

Juan Acevado comes in to pitch the 9th and he gets the first two batters and then allows two walks and a homer off the bat of Sean Berry. Now Milwaukee leads 10-5. The Cardinals try valiantly to come back as the score three more runs on three hits but fall to the Brewers 10-8 in the Opener.


The Cardinals got 10 hits and the Brewers banged out 11 hits.

2B: E Marrero 2 (2, 1 off B Wickman, 1 off R Roque); S Dunston (1, off D Weathers).
HR: M McGwire (1, off D Weathers, 5th inn, 0 on, 2 outs); F Tatis (1, off C Fox, 8th inn, 0 on, 0 outs to Deep LF).
HBP: F Tatis (1, by B Wickman).
TB: E Marrero 5; F Tatis 4; M McGwire 4; S Dunston 4; P Polanco 2; L Ordaz.
RBI: P Polanco 2 (2); L Ordaz 2 (2); E Marrero 2 (2); F Tatis (1); M McGwire (1).
2-out RBI: P Polanco 2; L Ordaz 2; E Marrero; M McGwire.
Team LOB: 10.
With RISP: 5 for 15.
DP: 1. E Marrero-P Polanco.
SB: E Marrero (1, 2nd base off E Plunk/D Nilsson); P Polanco (1, 2nd base off C Fox/D Nilsson).
Pickoffs: J Drew (2nd base by R Roque).


2B: G Jenkins 2 (2, 1 off L Painter, 1 off M Busby); J Cirillo (1, off M Aybar); D Nilsson (1, off J Acevedo).
3B: S Berry (1, off D Osborne).
HR: D Nilsson (1, off M Busby, 4th inn, 1 on, 1 out to Deep RF); J Burnitz (1, off M Aybar, 5th inn, 1 on, 0 outs to Deep RF); S Berry (1, off J Acevedo, 9th inn, 2 on, 2 outs).
SF: D Nilsson (1, off D Osborne).
TB: S Berry 7; D Nilsson 6; G Jenkins 4; J Burnitz 4; J Cirillo 2; F Vina 2; M Loretta.
RBI: D Nilsson 3 (3); S Berry 3 (3); J Burnitz 2 (2); F Vina (1); G Jenkins (1).
2-out RBI: S Berry 3; F Vina.
Team LOB: 6.
With RISP: 3 for 8.
CS: F Vina (1, 2nd base by D Osborne/E Marrero).