Stanley Robison – Owner


Martin Stanford “Stanley” Robison (March 30, 1859 – March 24, 1911) was an American owner and manager in Major League Baseball.

robison brothers own two teams

Stanley, along with his brother Frank, owned the St. Louis Perfectos in 1899 and re-named the team to the Cardinals in 1900. They also owned the Cleveland Spiders from 1887-1899.

stacks the teams

Wanting to increase attendance in St. Louis, they brought the best players from Cleveland to make one good team. This practice made the Spiders horrible and MLB outlawed owning two teams.

changing hands

In 1908, Frank Robison died and Stanley had sole ownership until his death in 1911. He then bequeathed the ownership to his daughter, Helene Robison Britton.

thought he could manage

During the 1905 season, he took over as manager of the Cardinals for the final 50 games. He finished with a managerial record of 19 wins, 31 losses in 50 games.